Our Story

When our parents immigrated to Los Angeles from India in the early 90s, their way of fostering a community in a foreign land was to invite people over for lunches, dinners, and chai. Getting together over chai really meant a noisy social gathering over tea and elaborate snacks and dessert. Our mom would hand grind fresh spices and the intoxicating aroma of boiling masala chai would waft from the kitchen all over the house, luring us to abandon whatever we were doing to grab a steaming hot cup.
We love this delicious beverage and felt inspired by chai’s ability to bring family, friends, and strangers together.

Chai has a multitude of regional variations, and we were raised on a version with a light, energizing kick. It’s been difficult to find a chai comparable at cafes & markets, so we felt a desire to fill the “authentic chai” void on beverage shelves in LA. Our chai is packed with the essence of the healing, herbal chai we grew up with - but with a refreshing & modern twist.

We’re so excited to introduce you to Bala Chai - our personal recipe blending the rich family lineage and tradition we come from, with our quintessential identities as proud Angelenos.

Bharat Vishnubhotla Founder, Operator & Brother
Radha Vishnubhotla Co-Founder, Creative Director & Sister